Mankind Own Label

We're here to help you look and feel amazing. Our products will complement your hair to match exactly with your unique lifestyle. Coming soon the ability to buy online and learn how to make the most of your style using our carefully handpicked products.

Let's create a style that's 100% you. 


Cleanse the build-up of products from your hair, leaving a great base to create that unique look free from stick residue.

Sea Salt Spray

Ever wondered why on holiday your hair does exactly as it’s told? Well that’ll be the high salt content of the sea and sea air. A perfect product for wet hair. To either add some hold to a blow-dry or support for natural drying. 
007 does a majestic post-swim shot. Have your James Bond moment. Well.... your hair at least. 

It's All In The Can

Defining Creme
A modern take on a wet look gel. Cream-based and easy to apply. Defines smoother looks and gives medium hold. Quiffs and shine? Let’s just say this would’ve found its way onto the dressing table of one “ king of rock and roll” 
Dry Matte Clay
We call this the “ Workday Clay”
Working 9-5? Think less Dolly Parton and more Elon Musk. For textured finishes. High hold and a dry finish for those of us who make an effort, but don’t have hours to spend. 
007 does a majestic post-swim shot. Have your James Bond moment. Well.... your hair at least. 
Volumizing Dust 
Our “go-to “ for texture, body and overall ease. This matte product does what a clay would do. Without the greasiness or weight. The best finish to your style
Like the icing sugar on top of a sponge cake (literally) 
Grooming Clay
We’re family-run, so this is like our middle child. All the best, of both the dry matte clay and defining creme. Medium hold and low shine. Perfect for those on the go, but like to look sleek and tidy. 
Texture Paste
Want it put simply?? The brother of our Sea salt spray. The only difference? This is applied after drying. To give bundles of texture and a light shine and hold.