Mankind Barbers Team Questions

We think you can tell a lot about a person by the films they watch or their favourite foods etc, so we asked our teams some random questions to find out what makes them tick, here are their answers...

Name: Wills

Position: Manager and Barber-Mankind Crawley Down 

Time as a barber: 20 years 

Skillset: Skin fades (and all other fades), all contemporary haircuts, also classic cuts, and beard trims/shape ups

Specialist in: Fade master 😎 

Describe yourself in three words: Ambitious, welcoming, fun vibes 

Style icons: Thomas Shelby, Tom Hardy, Idris Elba

Favourite food: Chicken wings

Top three barber products: Dry matte clay, boost powder, sea salt spray

Favourite tv series: Vikings

Last film you saw: 1917

One thing that’s guaranteed to make you laugh: Seeing people fall over (and obviously not hurting themselves) 

Favourite feel-good song: “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire

Breakfast of choice: Full English obviously 

Motto: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way 👊

Party Trick: I can moonwalk 😎 

One thing nobody knows about you: I once walked on fire 🔥 

Name: Jack F
Position: Manager-Barber/Crawley
Time as a barber: 10 years 
Skillset: Skilled in all aspects of barbering. Love a scissor cut and something a little bit different. 
Specialist in: Scissor cuts
Describe yourself in three words:
Style icons: Wow. They’ve changed as I’ve got older. As a kid, I wanted to in an indie band. So anything with skinny jeans
Favourite food: Anything slow-cooked 
Top three barber products: Boost powder, Sea salt spray, Dry Matte Vlay 
Favourite Netflix Series: Crime documentaries are right up my street 
Last film you saw: Escape Plan with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger 
One thing that’s guaranteed to make you laugh: Only Fools and Horses 
Favourite feel-good song: Baby, I love your way by big mountain 
Breakfast of choice: Hot croissant with butter and jam. 
Motto: My grandad used to say to me “ no matter how bad life gets, the day will always end. It’s your job to make the next one, the best you’ve ever had” 
Party Trick: Pretty good at impressions 
One thing nobody knows about you: Haha, I won’t divulge that. There’s a reason no one knows
Name: Rachel
Position: Barber/Crawley
Time as a barber: 2 years 
Skillset: Trained in all areas of barbering, really enjoy a beard trim! 
Specialist in:
Describe yourself in three words: Trustworthy, Friendly, Definitely a family girl
Style icons:  Back in the day definitely the spice girls!! Lol 
Favourite food: A good roast dinner! & love chocolate 
Top 3 barber products: Dry matte clay, Beard oil, Styling powder 
Favourite Netflix Series:  Peaky blinders 
Last film you saw: Iron man
One thing that’s guaranteed to make you laugh: Old home videos!...more embarrassing than anything lol
Favourite feel-good song:  Holding back the years, Simply Red
Breakfast of choice: Boring but Kellogg’s Frosties 
Motto: If you never try you’ll never know
Party Trick: Sorry, no party tricks as I’m normally too drunk for any!!
Name: JC/Justin
Position: Barber-Mankind-Crawley Down 
Time as a Barber: 1 year in the game, hungry and ambitious!
Describe yourself in three phrases: Laid back, alternative, family man
Style: You name it, I’ll wear it
Favourite food: Roast dinner Top three barber products: Fibre paste, boost powder, sea salt spray
Favourite tv Series: Peaky Blinders
Last film you saw: Don’t Mess With The Zohan
One thing that’s guaranteed to make you laugh: Crude/dry comedians
Favourite feel-good song: “Beech like the tree” - lower than Atlantis
Breakfast of choice: Big ol’ fry up
Motto: I just don’t let others bring me down, not a motto but a good way to live.  
One thing nobody knows about you: If nobody knows it then there must be a good reason, I don’t hide anything about myself
Hobbies: I play Warhammer and am generally quite Nerdy.






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