Reopening After Lockdown

coronavirus reopening Jun 09, 2020

Firstly we would like to say it goes without saying we are all part of living history and are in unprecedented times. 

Our heart goes out to all our key workers who have been working hard to look after us during these difficult times.

We have been sent many messages via Facebook and Instagram sending us well wishes and asking for style advice and wishful reopening updates.

It goes to say we have never felt so appreciated...Thank you!

However, we haven't been sitting idle and we appreciate that reopening will look very different from normal life in a Barbershop.

The shops have had a coronavirus revamp to make it possible to keep you and our barbers as safe as we possibly can. It's been complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming but we now believe we are ready for as long as it lasts to tackle this new normal.

To keep the information as simple as possible, we have put together some answers to questions that have been put to us about reopening.

When Will We Reopen?

After much...

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